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What are the Different Types of Research Paper?

What are the Different Types of Research Paper?
What are the Different Types of Research Paper?

Writing a research paper is an important part of the research journey. However, one that has never been into academic writing often finds its difficult to decide which type of research paper suits them the best. In fact, many even aren’t well aware of the different types of research papers that are available.

So, this blog attempts at discussing the different types of research papers and how you can choose the best one for you.

What is a Research Paper?

A research paper simply described is a piece of academic writing that presents the original and independent research of the author on any topic as well as his analysis and interpretation of the research findings. Research papers are the most effective medium of disseminating information across the general and focused masses. Although research papers may look similar to academic essays, but research paper writing is not a children play!

What are the Different Types of Research Paper?

The following are the different types of research paper:

Empirical Research Paper

An empirical research paper is one that is based on the actual observation or experiment. This kind of research papers can be either quantitative or qualitative in nature. Quantitative research is one that uses numerical data in its quest to establish the causal relationship between variables. While, qualitative research objectively and critically analyses the beliefs, behavior, feelings and other values.

Conceptual Research Paper

Conceptual research is where the research is conducted based on the observation and analysis of the already present information on the concerned research topic. For writing conceptual research paper, practical experiments are not conducted; rather it is based on the abstract concepts or ideas. This kind of researches have been long used by philosophers to develop new theories or to interpret the existing ones from a different perspective.

Analytical Research Paper

Analytical research papers involve an analysis of facts, events, issues, and ideas. Here, the researcher first describes the varied viewpoints of other researchers on the research problem and then proceeds to analyze all the described points by collecting relevant information and then finally draws a conclusion. While conducting analytical research, it is pertinent for the researcher to remain neutral, that is, not support or oppose any viewpoint.

Model-based Research Paper

For writing a model-based research paper, the researcher uses a model-based approach wherein he defines a formal, computational model that performs the task at hand and whose performance matches to that of a research participant.

Experimental Research Paper

In case of writing an experimental research paper, the research scholar describes his entire experiment in details. Here, the researcher first conducts the experiments, then shares his useful experiences, provides the relevant data and finally, sums up his research. This kind of research papers are generally written by the scholars of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Sociology, and Psychology.

Survey-based Research Paper

A survey-based research paper, as the name suggests, is based on survey. For this the researcher conducts a survey by asking questions to the respondents, interprets the responses collected from the survey, analyses them and then finally draws the conclusion.

Cause-Effect Based Research Paper

This kind of a research paper is generally assigned to freshers. The prime objective of a cause-effect based research paper is to teach the researcher how to write a research paper. Here, the first thing that the researcher does is – ‘describes the problem’, followed by explaining its causes and effects and ends with giving a conclusion. This kind of research papers include:

  • A detailed study of the various research topics;

  • Organization of the writing process;

  • Application of certain styles to the text; and

  • Citation & references

Intervention-based Research Paper

Intervention research is all about learning the strategies that work best to improve the outcomes and make a difference in what matters the researcher the most. It is generally the health, social sciences and education sectors that are benefited from this type of research.

Comparative/Dual Perspective Research Paper

A comparative research paper is written by comparing two or more things in order to discover something about one or all of the things that have been compared. This kind of research papers are generally written by scholars of social sciences who make comparisons across different countries or cultures.

How to Select the Right Kind of Research Paper for you?

Now that you have an understanding of the different types of research paper, you might be wondering how to select the right one for you?

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